Richie T

Bill sits down to lunch with Richie T. Steadman, the Executive Producer of Radio From Hell. They discuss the time Richie was disfellowshipped from the LDS church, and why. They also talk about what it is like to work for Kerry, Bill and Gina.

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4 Responses to Richie T

  1. Jami Hughes says:

    I really enjoyed this episode!!! I love Richie’s outlook on The LDS Church!! Bill- I just love how you interview!!! You really get people to open up and I could listen to 24-7!!!

    • Ucok says:

      Great list, can’t wait to listen to some of the ahcirves. Another creative person I love that you may be interested in interviewing on a future podcast is Jeffrey Davis with Tracking Wonder.

    • Bill says:

      Great show guys! Nice to hear Jim’s voice and to hear Bill swearing Please play Tie a Yellow Ribbon on x96 at your ealrseit convenience.

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