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Sim Gill II

Bill and Dylan welcome back Sim Gill to the podcast. Sim is the Salt Lake County District Attorney, a smart guy, a nice guy, and a hell of a politician.   To see pics from this episode CLICK HERE  


Thurl Bailey

Thurl Bailey was a professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz. He’s also a musician, public speaker, and one of the best guys you could hope to meet.   To see pics from this episode CLICK HERE!   


Pamela Atkinson

Pamela Atkinson is a treasure! She has dedicated her life to helping people. She will tell you she is just a regular person who has worked with great people and done extraordinary things, which is true, but she is a … Continue reading


Isaac Halasima

Isaac Halasima is a young man who’s directing his first full length film “The Last Descent” (Opening soon at Larry H. Miller Theaters). It’s about the 2009 events surrounding John Jones and the Nutty Putty Cave. We talk about Issac’s … Continue reading


Chris Burbank II

On this episode we welcome back former Salt Lake City police chief Chris Burbank. Bill and Dylan talk with Mr. Burbank about what he’s been doing since resigning as SLC Chief of Police. They also discuss all the recent police … Continue reading


Brad Wheeler II

We recorded an episode with Bad Brad Wheeler a few years ago, but since then Brad as had a life changing accident. We wanted to chat with Brad and hear the story for ourselves. It is a sad, bloody, scary, … Continue reading

Version 2

Ken Sanders II

This time we welcome back Ken Sanders to talk about life, art, books, history, cookies, crime solving, and Bill gets the behind the scenes scoop on his favorite television program, Antiques Roadshow. Ken has an interesting life and is an … Continue reading


Kate Kelly

This week on The Let’s Go Eat Show Bill and Dylan Chat with Kate Kelly, the founder of Ordain Women… but she’s lot’s more than that. listen to the episode and find out! To see pics from this episode CLICK … Continue reading


David Evanoff

David Evanoff is a very talented and successful musician, song writer, actor, performer, and an all around awesome guy. Dave talks about playing in the Lagoon band, the Disneyland Band, and his career writing commercial jingles that we know you’ve … Continue reading


Dr. Leah Torres

This week Bill talks with Dr. Leah Torres. An OB/Gyn and women’s health advocate about her career and Utah’s abortion laws.     To see pics from this episode CLICK HERE.