Tom Barberi

Bill Allred sits down with Tom Barberi to discuss Tom’s 40 year career in radio and how radio has changed over that time. They also discuss Utah’s liquor laws. Special guests, Gina Barberi and Randall Carlisle, drop by to say hello.

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7 Responses to Tom Barberi

  1. Barberi is still around??? I thought he went out with the old Ford Mustang..I thought that ol crow would be drawing Social Security and mumbling incoherently (that part isn’t new) in a rocking chair with NFL games on by now…..

  2. Clint Simmons says:

    I remember listening to Tom as a kid while visiting my grandparents. My grandpa used to yell at the radio, whether for or against what Tom was saying. I really enjoyed hearing him, this time as an adult, and understanding why he was such a popular “local” personality. Thanks, Bill, Tom and Gina for the wonderful podcast.

  3. Jeremy Crowther says:

    I began listing to the Voice of Reason back in the 70’s when I was just a young buck getting ready for grade school and junior high. My father was a fan of Tommy and naturally I became one too. It has always been Utah By 5 and always will be, whether I’m living in the state of Utah or not. Thanks Tom for all you gave to Utah and than you for all you have yet to give.

  4. Zoubir says:

    Just listened to this ierntview, but will have to listen to it again to find out much of what Simon actually said. I LOVE listening to him talking, and here his voice sounds so sexily husky (from his recent cold?)that I was just wallowing in the sound without really hearing what he was saying!! Diana

  5. Art Kingdom says:

    I’m almost ashamed to say I listened to the entire show. It was great to hear the voice of the master who is still the most entertaining guy around. I guess I’ll have to stop Googling him so it isn’t so much like stalking.

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