This is a more informative than entertaining post from the Let’s Go Eat Show. We want YOUR suggestions about who you think we should interview and where you think we should go. Please leave your suggestions here, or on our FACEBOOK page. We will see you again on July 15th!


This picture is of Bill and Dylan hiking near the Green River in 1988.

8 Responses to Hiatus

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Enjoy your pod-casts, I’m a bit behind but determined to catch up. Bill, what a great interviewer you are!. It’s terrific to hear you in this element.

  2. CLC says:

    I think you should interview Brian Johnson, the new O.C. at the U. Not about anything to do with football, but the story of an African American from Texas comes to Utah and has extreme success, marries local girl, and metoric rise in chosen career. Here he loves the Park Cafe and some new mexican place>

  3. jay crosthwait says:

    Hey Bill and Dillon, I think Peter Cole, the amazing man behind Squatters, could be an awesome podcast episode. As far as where to eat? The obvious suggestion would be at Squatters, so anywhere but there, even though it is one of the best places to eat in Salt Lake. Maybe Moochies. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

  4. Al says:

    Hey Bill and Dylan. I love the show and want to thank you for the great episodes so far. You’ve made me interested in people I never would have thought twice about.

    As for suggestions I would like to propose an interview with Mr. Leigh George Kade and his lovely wife Rachel who just recently opened Frisch, a Vegan Deli that was in large part funded via Kickstarter on the internet.

    As I understand it Leigh has led an “interesting” life with a series of different jobs in different aspects of the creative world and is a genuinely interesting oddball.


  5. T.R. Morgan says:

    Hey Bill. Love your interviews, you do such a wonderful job. It is nice to get to know a little bit more about local people doing good things. I think you should do an interview with Becky Anderson of the director of the Anything For A Friend non-profit. She is a cancer survivor with an amazing story and is now working hard to help others.

  6. Jen S. says:

    Hey Bill & Dylan, LOVE the show. Suggestions for future podcasts include Jackie Biskupski, Carrie Galaway (of Planned Parenthood), Babs Delay, Becky Rosenthal of @slcfoodie & slcmixers & Michael Aaron of Q Salt Lake.

    Keep up the good eats!

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