Scott Carrier

Bill sits down to lunch with Scott Carrier at Lambs Grill. Scott Carrier is an independent radio producer. You have probably heard his work on NPR’s This American Life, The Savvy Traveler, Marketplace, Hearing Voices, and All Things Considered. He also has a new book out called Prisoner of Zion.

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7 Responses to Scott Carrier

  1. Pete West says:

    What an eclectic interview. Read his book. Very entertaining, very Utah, because we’re not all alike. Sometimes I feel like a “stranger in a strange land”. Nice to have a similar voice.

  2. Mary says:

    I almost passed over this one because I didn’t know who Scott Carrier was. Glad I didn’t. Very interesting and well done. I will look forward to hearing more from Scott.

  3. Christy ONeil says:

    So good!! Very engaging. I will be buying his books. He is interesting.

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