Let’s Go Eat – Lite (Lambs Grill)

On this Let’s Go Eat Show Lite Bill shares his very favorite recipe for Mac and Cheese! We also learn about the history of Lambs Grill and sit down for a chat with the owner and head chef.

For pictures from this episode click HERE.

4 Responses to Let’s Go Eat – Lite (Lambs Grill)

  1. Elijah says:

    When are you going to post the recipe on the site? Listened to the show and it sounded good but i don’t want to listen to the podcast again when i try to make it.

    • The Let's Go Eat Show says:

      I will talk to my dad and see if we can get that posted for ya.

  2. Ben R. says:

    It was so nice to learn about the changes and that really Lamb’s is still the same great ol’ spot to visit. I love going there with my family when in town.

    We held my college graduation dinner there in 2004 and the staff was gracious, the food excellent. I was proud to slide right into a rich, old Utah tradition.

  3. Crapler says:


    Thanks for letting me download. I made your mac and cheese recipe and it was like Ogden – Awesome! I don’t know if it was quite “to die for,” but certainly “to lie for,” and maybe “to cry for.”


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