Taqueria 27 – Lite

Bill sits down with Todd Gardiner, the owner and chef of Taqueria 27 and his wife Kristen  to talk about their new restaurant. They talk about what it takes to actually open a new restaurant. They also talk about food in general, and Tequila!

To see pics from this recording click HERE. 

2 Responses to Taqueria 27 – Lite

  1. martymankins says:

    This was a great episode. I never knew there was a tequila that was $65 a shot (the most I’ve paid before has been $15 for a shot of Gran Patron Platinum). I will go support Todd and his new venture.

    • The Let's Go Eat Show says:

      Tequila can cost as much money as you are willing to pay for it. Thanks for listening!

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