Sergio Reynoso

Bill and Dylan sit down with Sergio Reynoso, he is a painter, graphic designer, the official Allred family tattoo artist and Mexican. They discuss Sergio’s life as an illegal immigrant and his road to becoming a citizen of the United States. This episode was recorded at La Macarena, 4700 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, UT.

CLICK HERE to visit Sergio’s You Tube Channel.

CLICK HERE to see pictures from this episode.

4 Responses to Sergio Reynoso

  1. Pete West says:

    Loved the Sergio. We should all learn Spanish. A bilingual America would be a good thing.

  2. Johny Utah says:

    Great Show guys! I am enjoying the lets go eat show more than the radio from hell show lately and I am a long time listener. Keep up the good work! and thank you for the great entertainment.

    • Deeksha says:

      In my opinion enrvyoee deserves to be respected. How do you learn how to respect others if you have not felt how it feels to be respected?As a parent, or caregiver i believe the best way to teach a child respect is to respect them first.

  3. Lizanell Boman says:

    LOVED IT! no sabes quien soy! (I had to go to google translate, and then I laughed out loud)

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