Bill Allred (part 2)

This is the season finale and conclusion of the Bill Allred interview. In this episode Kerry Jackson, joined by Gina Barberi and Dylan Allred interview Bill about his life, AND Bill finally reveals the infamous Wendover story!

To see pics CLICK HERE! 

7 Responses to Bill Allred (part 2)

  1. Johny Utah says:

    What a great and entertaining season it was. There were some amazing stories told and I can hardly wait until next year to hear more. Thank you guys for the meaningful entertainment!

  2. steve shoell says:

    Thanks for sharing—it was fun for me to learn a little bit about who you are after having you in my house every morning for the last 20 years.

  3. Brenton says:

    Bill, I know think so much less of you because of this show…. No not really. I think more of you. Thanks for sharing. It was by far the most entertaining episode I listened too.

  4. Pete West says:

    I, along with a large but oddly silent group of people, give a shit!
    You should be proud of the Radio From Hell show. Not only is it entertaining but you speak for many of us who are unheard and under represented in this great state.
    Pete West

  5. Sarah says:

    If you were the size of a pencil in a blender you would be long enough to put your feet on one side of the blender and your back on the other side and could push your self up and out of the blender. or maybe even jump and grab the top of the blender and pull your self out. I think if you waited for them to pour in the liquid you would probably wouldn’t have time to get out.

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