Monthly Archives: March 2013

Tony Weller

This week Bill sits down with Tony Weller at Cafe SuperNatural. Tony Weller is the son of Sam Weller, the founder of Zion’s Books and later Sam Weller’s Books. Tony talks about how he makes decisions using dice, the search … Continue reading

LGES – Lite: Z’Tejas

 On this episode of The Let’s Go Eat Show –  Lite Bill and special guest Gina Barberi chat  with Aaron Gibbs, the general manager of   Z’ Tejas about food and Tequila! To see pics of all the food and drink … Continue reading

Gina Barberi 2

This week Bill tries to get it right! Bill sits down once again with Gina Barberi to discuss love, life, happiness, adventure, and Tequilla from Z’Tejas!!! What is Gina’s favorite sexual position? Is Gina’s life exciting? Is she always right? … Continue reading