Monthly Archives: June 2013

Penny Ann’s Cafe

This week Bill chats with Paul Willey one of the head chefs and owners of Penny Ann’s Cafe, 1810 South Main Street. They discuss why his entire extended family packed up left the restaurant business in New York City after September 11th, … Continue reading

Waiting For Paul Cardall

Two men, a father and son, Bill and Dylan Allred meet at Penny Ann’s Cafe. It is soon revealed that they are waiting for a man, a Mr. Cardall, Paul Cardall. The men discuss many things; religion, humour, food and Karma, … Continue reading

Bonneville Brewery

This week we talk to Joe Davis, Head Chef and Dave Watson the Brewmaster of Bonneville Brewery. Joe is going to tell us all about cooking like momma used to and what goes into a Kentucky Hot Brown and Dave … Continue reading

Richard Dutcher

This week Bill and Dylan meet up with film maker Richard Dutcher in Tooele at Bonneville Brewery for some burgers, some beers and some conversation about Richard’s life, career and the rise and fall of “Mormon Cinema.” To see pics … Continue reading