Dov Siporin

WebThis week we sit down with Dov Siporin at The Corner Bakery. Dov has terminal colon cancer. He’s known for playing practical jokes on the other cancer patients and even his doctors, also for wearing T-shirts with sayings like “fuck cancer” on them. This week Dov shares some of his best pranks, and also talks about the more serious side of his situation. To purchase one of Dov’s shirts go to

To see pics from this episode CLICK HERE.

One Response to Dov Siporin

  1. We’ve had some great response to our current episode featuring Mr. Dov Siporin. Glad you’re liking it! A few people have asked about the website BuyitBeforeiDie.Com, where Dov will be selling his Tshirts. Dov is still working on the site, he’s been a little busy (what with the cancer and all) it’s not quite ready yet. He’s hoping it will be ready in the next week or two, we’ll let you know.

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