Monthly Archives: June 2014

RFH Drunk Show

On this special episode of The Let’s Go Eat Show join Kerry Jackson, Bill Allred and Gina Barberi for a not safe for work episode of The Radio From Hell Show! To see pics from this episode CLICK HERE!    … Continue reading

Kurt Bestor

This week Bill and Dylan sit down for lunch and cocktails at Faustina with Mr. Christmas himself, Kurt Bestor! Kurt talks about his career as a musician and composer, and talks about his relationship with the Mormon church… and seeing … Continue reading

Trent Harris

Trent Harris is a legendary local filmmaker who wrote Rubin and Ed, Plan 10 From Outer Space, and Delightful Water Universe; and a film that is studied in film schools all over the world today:The Beaver Trilogy. This episode was recorded at The Judge Cafe.    … Continue reading