RFH Drunk Show

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On this special episode of The Let’s Go Eat Show join Kerry Jackson, Bill Allred and Gina Barberi for a not safe for work episode of The Radio From Hell Show!

To see pics from this episode CLICK HERE! 





7 Responses to RFH Drunk Show

  1. Matt says:

    YES!! Love the show! This is freaking hilarious, please do more. Fav quote so far, “I’m not above licking whiskey off the table! I’m Bill Allred’s son!” Thanks for letting me listen and Geekshow says, ‘hey’!

  2. Niki says:

    Best Lets Go Eat show ever!!! I would happily pay for a “not safe for work” RFH podcast!

    Please record more!

  3. JaNae says:

    This was a FANTASTIC show! I can’t wait until you guys do another! Thanks for letting me listen and I think I’ll make mine a double tonight!

  4. Daren says:

    Great show! I look forward to hearing more shows like this from the RFH hosts.

  5. rand says:

    I am finding the ‘edginess and drunkenness’ to be gimmicky, sophomoric and dulling.
    Please don’t waste anymore of your lives or mine.
    It is approaching over-exposure and blah-out.
    Please leave me wanting more, not sorry for the hour and a half I can never live again and recover something more fulfilling and satisfying.

    It’s a little like if you have a good relationship going, don’t ruin it by trying to evolve it into something more by having a threesome; because it likely will be the beginning of the end.

    I will continue following your smart content and ignore your dumber content.
    Thanks for letting me listen.

    Just do a show called ‘Off the air – more than radio from hell’.
    Bill it as ‘for those who can’t get enough of us on the air’.
    I enjoy feeling that I’m a part of something during the morning program. I get tired of all the commercials (as you probably do). I would consider paying for more of your programing without the crass commercials. Forget the gimmicky stunts of nsfw, drunk and high. Just give me a chance to hang with you all that I feel I have come to know.

  6. Patrick says:

    Once again there is nothing that Kerry, Bill, and Gina can’t touch, without it becoming an instant hit! I’ve listened to KBG RFH for about a decade now and they never fail to deliver! I LOVE this underbelly side of the RFH gang, as they stated its nothing more than just normal conversation, the swears, the drinking, the jokes, and the topics did not feel forced at all, KBG segued right into the not safe for work zone with ease and class!!! Please whoever is in charge of making those “empty suit” decisions, NEVER EVER break up Kerry, Bill, and Gina! MORE MORE & MORE please.

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