Monthly Archives: September 2014

Beer Bar and The Sausage King

This week Bill talks about 3 of his favorite topics, BOOZE, SAUSAGE, and the GERMANS. As he and a lot of guys talk about Octoberfest, Beer Bar, Bar X , and drinking… lots and lots of drinking.      

David Ivers

This week Bill sits down with David Ivers at The Oasis Cafe in Salt Lake City. David is the Artistic Director of the Utah Shakespeare Festival, that means that he basically runs the whole damn thing. Bill and David talk about Bill’s time … Continue reading

Dell Loy Hansen

This weeks episode Bill chats with his new boss, Dell Loy Hansen. Dell Loy is the founder and CEO of a a billon dollar company that owns X96’s parent company Broadway Media, he also owns Real Salt Lake, and many, … Continue reading