Troy Williams and Hot Dog on a Stick



On this episode Bill talks with Troy Williams, the executive director of Equality Utah about his life, career, and hot dogs!

To see pics of Troy, Bill and their hot dogs,




One Response to Troy Williams and Hot Dog on a Stick

  1. Rod Swaner says:

    As a former Mormon from the age of 14 and officially off LDS records since 40, I have a huge problem with former gay Mormons and current ones, that have used and still use the resources of the LDS church to get ahead and to be tolerated by the Mormon church. If you want to be a gay Mormon, go start up your own gay Mormon church. Christianity, Mormonism, will never accept homosexuality with or with out the aid of the women of the church. Troy, you do not have the slightest clue of being part of minority because of your pampered Mormon up bringing. My Mormon parents knew I was gay since I was 5. I was also sexually abused by straight people because of my sexuality. The fact alone that you were mentored by Gale makes me vomit. As a former friend of Brandi, I am not surprised she left for greener pastures. Please resign and get someone in there that can be objective, effective and who has not been living in a vacuum, Troy! You are not my gay spokesperson! I have volunteered plenty in the gay community and cleared the way for gays like you to thrive.

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