Gayle Ruzicka, Steve Urquhart & Prop 2

This week Bill moderates a discussion between Gayle Ruzicka, the president of the Eagle Forum and “political has been,” Steve Urquhart about Prop 2 and medical marijuana.

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6 Responses to Gayle Ruzicka, Steve Urquhart & Prop 2

  1. Jeremy Manning says:

    This would have been a lot cooler if Bill and Gail had let Steve have some time. Gail was quite rude about constantly talking over Steve and Bill let it go. Very unpleasant.

  2. Chris says:

    I thought I was listening to a parody of Rosanne as a Mormo- er… member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I also wondered if it was Sister Dottie because I couldn’t believe Gail was a real person.
    She blatantly lied multiple times and Steve didn’t get a chance to say much. It was damn funny listening to Religious Rosanne, though:)

  3. The problem with the Prop-2 dust up is that Utah’s legislature and fellow Goodfellas are working feverishly before their time runs out to find a way to control a Marijuana production and sales chain that is designed to benefit their select, insiders, nominees, and cutouts. The insiders will be favored sons and daughters … Goodfellas … controlling the “Pot” processes throughout. We like to call the newly visioned entity “UPOT” after several other corrupted quasi governmental entities like UTA, USTAR, DABC … you get the drift?

    Utah’s Goodfellas will control the following processes through insiders, nominees, and cutouts:

    Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facilities = CCPOT
    Medical Cannabis Processing Facilities = CPPOT
    Independent Cannabis Testing Laboratories = CTPOT
    Medical Cannabis Pharmacies = MCPOT
    State Central Fill Medical Cannabis Pharmacy = CFPOT
    Qualified Medical Providers = MPPOT
    Medical Cannabis Inventory Control System = ICPOT
    Transportation of Medical Cannabis = TPOT

    Have a little fun at the Goodfellas’ expense folks. It’s for certain that with their UPOT they’ll be having some fun at our expense. s/Wayne Wickizer “The Ole’ Buzzard”

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