Fran Pruyn and Julie Jensen

Bill sits down with Fran Pruyn and Julie Jensen, theater producer and playwright extraordinaire!

Fran Pruyn has been a contributor to the arts and, specifically, theater for decades here in the Salt Lake Valley. Julie Jensen is an award-winning playwright (Mockingbird – Winner of the prestigious Kennedy Center Award) who has also been artfully creating in the 801 for decades as well. So it should be of no surprise that they are collaborating on a topic unique to the state of Utah. “Two-Headed” centers around the infamous Mountain Meadows Massacre that occurred in 1857. The two protagonists are daughters of Mormon pioneers who participated in the slayings of Native Americans. For those who have grown up in the predominant Utah faith, the themes will either come as a surprise or sound all too familiar. For those unfamiliar with the history, the story will both haunt and educate. Please enjoy getting to know these extraordinary artistic women and don’t forget to get tickets at

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