Princess Kennedy – Rebroadcast

Princess Kennedy

Hello, friends! This week, we’re reposting an episode from 2013 with one of our friends who’s in need. Please see this note from Bill:

I had the great delight some time ago to meet a person called Princess Kennedy. It was for an interview for my podcast The Let’s Go Eat Show. PK suggested we meet at Zest, a vegan restaurant that has since become a favorite spot. I found PK to be a charming guest, willing to talk about anything. She was funny, smart, sexy, and a delight to be with. And now it seems she has been brought low by a horrific accident.

Please get to know her, if you don’t already, through this interview. Know this: PK has no insurance. She will need alot of care both in hospital and at home to recover. You can help. Just google Go Fund Me Princess Kennedy. There are a couple of people who have set up funds. Justin Strange seems to be the main one. Or you can use Venmo @PK-Kennedy.

Get better soon, Princess!

Bill Allred: Host and Dick Clark: Producer

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