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Dr. Robert Hiemstra and Bill discuss ketamine

Dr. Robert Hiemstra

Dr. Robert Hiemstra chose medical school over marine biology and fulfilled a function in medicine as an emergency room physician for 40 years. He now is at the forefront of a burgeoning area of medicine: Ketamine. Commonly known as a … Continue reading

Kaz Weida

Kaz Weida

Kaz Weida is a freelance journalist, ghostwriter, mother of 2 and passionate purveyor of the arts. She was gracious enough to sit down with Bill and get to know each other better after being colleagues on the Vanocur Group podcast … Continue reading

Bill sits with Dave Garbett and Erin Mendenhall

SLC Mayoral Candidates – Part 3: Dave Garbett and Erin Mendenhall

In the final installment of our mayoral candidate interviews, Bill sits down with Dave Garbett and Erin Mendenhall to round out the 6 main contenders for the job. Enjoy! And don’t forget that ballots are being mailed to all Salt … Continue reading

Stan Penfold and Luz Escamilla

SLC Mayoral Candidates – Part 2: Stan Penfold and Luz Escamilla

We continue this week with two more candidates in the race to become the mayor of Salt Lake City! Bill interviews Stan Penfold and Luz Escamilla who were so kind to rerecord this episode after a technical snafu. They share … Continue reading

Mayoral Candidates

SLC Mayoral Candidates: Part 1 – Jim Dabakis and David Ibarra

This week, Bill sits down with Jim Dabakis and David Ibarra, two of the candidates running to be mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah. They talk policy, reasons behind their decision to run, why they want the difficult job and … Continue reading

Steve Jerman

Steve Jerman

Steve Jerman loves cheese. So much so that he spent almost a year living in a cold, damp shack in the middle of Cache Valley to become a cheesemonger and founded an awards ceremony in Utah to celebrate the dairy … Continue reading

Mark Haley

Mark Haley loves race cars. So much so that, even after a near death accident that left him with 3rd degree burns over 25% of his body and without hands, he would get behind the wheel of a car again … Continue reading

The Re-Christening!

We’re back! We’ve taken a few months off but we’ve found a new location (, a new producer and some amazing guests. Please enjoy the re-christening of The Let’s Go Eat Show with interviews featuring Dick Clark and Chelsii … Continue reading

Tom Greenleigh

It’s all Tom’s fault! On this episode of The Let’s Go Eat Show we visit with Tom Greenleigh, the man who gave Bill his first radio job 39 years ago! Become a Patron!

Deep Talk and Dick Jokes

This week, because Bill had to go to a funeral, we’re releasing a Double Shot episode from the Patreon vaults. It’s called Deep Talk and Dick Jokes… you don’t need to know any more than that! Become a Patron!