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Joe McQueen – Rebroadcast

Princess Kennedy – Rebroadcast

Hello, friends! This week, we’re reposting an episode from 2013 with one of our friends who’s in need. Please see this note from Bill: I had the great delight some time ago to meet a person called Princess Kennedy. It … Continue reading

Dick Clark Interviews Bill Allred

In a flip of the script, Dick Clark (producer of the Let’s Go Eat Show) sits down with Bill and asks him questions gathered from listeners, friends and ones that have been burning a hole in his brain for decades. … Continue reading

Lindsay Hansen Park

Lindsay Hansen Park is an American Mormon feminist blogger, podcaster, and the Executive Director for the Salt Lake City-based non-profit Sunstone Education Foundation. She is also an amazing historian when it comes to Utah, its Mormon pioneers how they spread … Continue reading

Fran Pruyn and Julie Jensen

Fran Pruyn has been a contributor to the arts and, specifically, theater for decades here in the Salt Lake Valley. Julie Jensen is an award-winning playwright (Mockingbird – Winner of the prestigious Kennedy Center Award) who has also been artfully … Continue reading

Carol Lynn Pearson stops by the X96 studios to chat with Bill about her major award!

Carol Lynn Pearson

Carol Lynn Pearson is an American poet, author, screenwriter, and playwright. A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), Pearson is best known for her book Goodbye, I Love You, a memoir of her marriage … Continue reading

Bill's Mustache (and Bill) interview Caleb Parry about the Ziegfeld Theater!

Caleb Parry – Part 2

The Impresario of the Ziegfeld Theater returns! Keep listening to this amazing success story, how Caleb and his co-owner (and better half) Morgan are teaching kids to love the arts from a young age and what plans they have for … Continue reading

Bill's Mustache (and Bill) interview Caleb Parry about the Ziegfeld Theater!

Caleb Parry – Part 1

Caleb Parry knows a thing or two about the theater. Having been a performer in Ogden for over 20 years and an entrepreneur for over 15, He and his wife Morgan founded The Ziegfeld Theater in 2012 and have successfully … Continue reading

Ivy bein' Ivy and Bill rockin' a pair of sunglasses, his biggest talent to date!

Ivonna “Ivy” Earnest

In every city you find yourself in, there’s always a local who seems to know everyone and everyone knows them. In Salt Lake City, Utah? That person is Ivonna “Ivy” Earnest. Ivy and Bill sit down for a chat about … Continue reading - visit to find out about upcoming events!

Ink Against Cancer (Hilde and Jay): Part 2

In the second part of Bill’s interview with Hilde, Jay Koenig (co-founder of Ink Against Cancer, Hilde’s husband) joins them to discuss their organization, how it benefits families along the Wasatch Front and their upcoming cruise with Megadeth! Check it … Continue reading