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Jesse Parent

Jesse Parent is a local slam poet. For those of you who just recoiled a bit at that descriptor, first off? How dare you. Second, I will make you a bet: if you’re not ugly crying by the end of … Continue reading

Ken Sanders Returns

Ken Sanders is a legend in the Salt Lake Valley for anyone who’s ever been interested in books (both the rare and common alike), music, counter culture and/or a just sitting in a book store, surrounded by nostalgia, friends, cats … Continue reading

Babs Gray

Babs Gray is a stand up comic and podcaster who grew up along the Wasatch Front. She and Bill sit down over a delicious meal at The Daily to talk about making the move to L.A., what it’s like to … Continue reading

Rebecca Frost

Nick “Sarge” Perez

X96’s promotions director Nick “Sarge” Perez makes directin’ promotions look easy. You’d never know from his laid back, comic book lovin’ persona that he’s been shot (multiple times) or that he manages some of the biggest voice talent in the … Continue reading

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox

Bill and Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox have known each other for a long time now. They consider themselves friends even…which is why Bill’s first question of the interview being “what the hell were you thinking?” makes the Lt. Gov’s second … Continue reading

Pamela Atkinson – Rebroadcast

Hey everyone. Since it’s the end of the year and we’re rebroadcasting some of the most important episodes from the archives, here’s one with a message from Bill: “We’re reposting this episode from 2016 to honor one of the great … Continue reading

Joe McQueen – Rebroadcast

Princess Kennedy – Rebroadcast

Hello, friends! This week, we’re reposting an episode from 2013 with one of our friends who’s in need. Please see this note from Bill: I had the great delight some time ago to meet a person called Princess Kennedy. It … Continue reading

Dick Clark Interviews Bill Allred

In a flip of the script, Dick Clark (producer of the Let’s Go Eat Show) sits down with Bill and asks him questions gathered from listeners, friends and ones that have been burning a hole in his brain for decades. … Continue reading