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Ivy bein' Ivy and Bill rockin' a pair of sunglasses, his biggest talent to date!

Ivonna “Ivy” Earnest

In every city you find yourself in, there’s always a local who seems to know everyone and everyone knows them. In Salt Lake City, Utah? That person is Ivonna “Ivy” Earnest. Ivy and Bill sit down for a chat about … Continue reading - visit to find out about upcoming events!

Ink Against Cancer (Hilde and Jay): Part 2

In the second part of Bill’s interview with Hilde, Jay Koenig (co-founder of Ink Against Cancer, Hilde’s husband) joins them to discuss their organization, how it benefits families along the Wasatch Front and their upcoming cruise with Megadeth! Check it … Continue reading

Hilde and her husband Jay

Hildegard Koenig – Ink Against Cancer: Part 1

Hildegard Koenig (also known as Hilde) is a remarkable human being. A 1st generation immigrant of Mexican and German parents, she is a survivor of domestic abuse, suicide, depression and anxiety. In spite of every challenge she’s faced, Hilde has … Continue reading

Bill and Jenn discuss the music industry

Jenn Blosil – Part 2

Part 2 of Bill’s chat with Jenn Blosil! Don’t miss it!

Bill and Jenn discuss the music industry

Jenn Blosil – Part 1

Jenn Blosil has, according to Bill, one of the most unique singing and speaking voices that he’s ever heard. Having performed on American Idol in 2016, served an LDS mission to NYC and now recorded an entire 11 track LP? … Continue reading

Taryn and Bill discuss suicide prevention and the Out of the Darkness Walks in Utah

Taryn Aiken-Hyatt – Out of the Darkness Walks

Taryn Aiken-Hyatt, who brought the Out of the Darkness Walks to Utah, came to this position through personal experience. After losing her father to suicide at the age of 26, and having her own brushes with suicidal ideation, Taryn decided … Continue reading

Bill Allred and Vicki Walker

Vicki Walker

After tragically losing her husband in the Trolley Square mass shooting of 2007, and watching her son fight for his life, Vicki Walker went through hell. Going through such a traumatic event, she realized quickly how difficult life becomes immediately … Continue reading

Dr. Robert Hiemstra and Bill discuss ketamine

Dr. Robert Hiemstra

Dr. Robert Hiemstra chose medical school over marine biology and fulfilled a function in medicine as an emergency room physician for 40 years. He now is at the forefront of a burgeoning area of medicine: Ketamine. Commonly known as a … Continue reading

Kaz Weida

Kaz Weida

Kaz Weida is a freelance journalist, ghostwriter, mother of 2 and passionate purveyor of the arts. She was gracious enough to sit down with Bill and get to know each other better after being colleagues on the Vanocur Group podcast … Continue reading

Bill sits with Dave Garbett and Erin Mendenhall

SLC Mayoral Candidates – Part 3: Dave Garbett and Erin Mendenhall

In the final installment of our mayoral candidate interviews, Bill sits down with Dave Garbett and Erin Mendenhall to round out the 6 main contenders for the job. Enjoy! And don’t forget that ballots are being mailed to all Salt … Continue reading